Entry Title: "Promise 2"
Name: Flokje van Lith , Netherlands
Category and Expertise: Children|Digitally Enhanced, Professional

Entry Description: Promise is a lengthy project I’m still working on and will consist of several works. I remember myself as a little girl often playing on my own. One of the things I did was to bury my dolls (my girls) in a secret place in our backyard. I fantasized about a magical dreamworld where my girls where going to. Promise shows a physical space that stands for a symbolic, transcendent space in another kind of world inhabited by these children. The beauty of childhood and this fantasy is further emphasized by the careful and meticulous editing of this work.

About the Artist:

Flokje van Lith (1969, Leiden, NL) studied photography at the Royal Academy of Arts, the Hague. In her work she explores childhood and its underlying traumas and issues as well as the beauty of innocence and adolescence. Her contemporary portraits have been edited with utmost care and precision to create paint-like images. Awards: Honorable Mention, Portrait/ Professional, International Color Awards 2015, Silver Award, Fine-Art/ Professional, International Photography Awards 2014, Silver Award, Fine-Art/ Professional, PX3-Prix de la Photographie, Paris, 2014, 8 Honorable Mention, Fine-Art/ Professional, International Photography Award 2014, New Dutch Photography Talent 2013, 4 Honorable Mention, Fine-Art/ Professional, International Photography Award 2013, 4 Honorable Mention, Photography Masters Cup 2011, 7 Honorable Mention, Fine-Art/ Professional, International Photography Award 2011. Exhibitions, Selection, 2015, Pulse Miami (USA), PAN Amsterdam, KunstRai, Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, LXRY (the Netherlands), 2014, Affordable Art Fair Hamburg (Germany), PAN Amsterdam, LXRY, Affordable Art Fair, Raw Art Fair, Realisme (the Netherlands), 2013 LXRY, PAN Amsterdam, Affordable Art Fair, (the Netherlands), 2012, Art Wynwood Miami, Art Miami Context, Photoville (USA), PAN Amsterdam (the Netherlands), 2011, Scope Miami (USA), PAN Amsterdam, Photofestival Naarden (the Netherlands). Publications, 2015, LXRY Magazine, PF Magazine, 2014, Art Photo Feature (USA), 2013, Gooi en Eemlander (the Netherlands), 2012, Volkskrant Magazine, De Telegraaf, Haarlems Dagblad (the Netherlands)