Hola Mohalla Festival

PhotographerAstrid Harrisson
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAlderney, United Kingdom
Photo DateMarch 2014
Entry Description

Hola Mohalla is an energetic Sikh festival of valour and defence preparedness, celebrated annually in the little township of Anandpur Sahib in the Rupnagar district of Punjab, India.

About Photographer

I am an equine photographer and have recently released a book in collaboration with author Tamsin Pickeral. The Majesty of the Horse is a celebration of over 70 of the world's most wonderful breeds of horse. I work closely with galleries in the UK and in Dubai, where I exhibit annually in group shows. I have spent the last few years building a profound portfolio specialising but not limiting myself to horses, and am enjoying exploring the niche of equestrianism in the fine art photography world. I am building confidence and a modest collection of private clients, for whom I create large format (generally) pieces of horse 'art' for their homes as well more specialised photogravure etchings - an area I am working on developing in forthcoming months. I have a graphic design and marketing background and have been specialising in horses since 2007.