Drop Art

  • Photographer
    Gianluca Sambo
  • Prize
    1st Place / Nature/Underwater
  • Company/Studios

Drop Art, a project started five years ago, the photos are made in the studio, and produced by a collision between two or more drops of water (milk), all in a single click, the colors are made with food coloring, color fluorescent and 4 flash with colored gels, is not used Photoshop to manipulate photos Drop Art, un progetto nato 5 anni fa, le foto vengono realizzate in studio, e prodotte da uno scontro tra 2 o piĆ¹ gocce d'acqua (latte), il tutto in uno scatto solo, le colorazioni vengono fatte con coloranti alimentari, colori fluo e 4 flash con gelatine colorate, non viene usato Photoshop per manipolare le foto

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