• Photographer
    Daisuke Takakura
  • Date of Photograph

"I'm hungry” "let's go out for lunch" "I have some work to hand in" "Well..." "It looks like it's going to rain” 
 There are various selves in myself. Some are selves I can feel empathically and others are unacceptable selves. Something causes never-before-seen selves to gaze at me. There is past myself and there might be future myself in my immediate vicinity. 
 In theater, there is a style known as “monodrama” that just one actor plays on the stage. The project <monodramatic> is the approaches that visualize the extraordinary experiences that everyone have in the motif of monodrama. The models are players.I hear their stories and the works are based on them. I produce the pictures in such a way as to make the stage.The model communicate with him selves. 
 Everyone have a lot of choices and chances. I listen to the voices from my selves.

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