• Photographer
    Mara Dani
  • Prize
    1st Place / Book(self-published)/Documentary
  • Date of Photograph
    SEPTEMBER 2015
  • Technical Info

The project consists of a systematic exploration of the city of Bari, in Southern Italy, my hometown. The aim was to go beyond the domesticated gaze of the city dweller who has become so familiar with a place as to end up by not seeing some often important aspects of it. The work was carried out mainly in a documentary photography style (remembering the lesson of the great Italian photographer Gabriele Basilico). I re-descovered my city wandering aimlessly here and there.The result was my new urban awareness, a greater knowledge of the urban territory, the revelation of some hidden beauties, of the many facets of my hometown,sometimes in harmony, sometimes in sharp contrast that, as a whole, give back a personal, necessarily incomplete and fragmentary idea of Bari,( thence the title “Almost Bari”).

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