Maximum City

PhotographerSameer Walzade
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanySam & Ekta
City/CountryMumbai, India
Photo Date21 January 2016
Technical InfoShot on Canon 5D + 35mmF1.4L
Entry Description

With 53,597 people per square mile, Mumbai (India) is among the top cities in the world when it comes to density of population. Scenes such as this one, where people of all age groups come together and share a limited space, is characteristic to the way of life in the city. However, this limited personal space also creates a unique kind of emotional bonding among the city residents. This sense of shared joy is what people mean when they talk about the 'spirit of Mumbai'.

About Photographer

Sameer is one half of Sam & Ekta, a husband-wife wedding photographer duo. His work in weddings and street photography won honourable mention at IPA 2016 in multiple categories. In addition to this, his work has been selected for National Geographic Daily Dozen and published in magazine features of APF (Art Photo Feature, Top 100 of 2016), a renown street photography e-magazine, and one of the largest street photography groups on Facebook.