"The Forgotten Light", India

  • Photographer
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Company/Studios
    T. Woods Photographgy LLC
  • Date of Photograph
    Novemeber, 2015
  • Technical Info
    Canon 7D 18-135mm Lens

This image series is a continued body of work focused on human trafficking and forced child labor. Over 20 million slaves are currently held captive in the human trafficking and forced labor industry. A large percentage are children from tiny village communities. Lacking proper education and the means to rise above the social class branded with them from birth. Girls in particular run the risk of being trafficked. playground for abductors, young men are often lured by the “fairytale”, of freedom in the big city, promised a life of prosperity and wealth by the men in nice suits. The children are preyed upon, vulnerability ascended. The unsustainable education facilities make it quite difficult to visualize anything beyond what is presented before them. There light still remains. A glimpse of truth and purity that comes from there smile. Unforgettable light.

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