Hidden Messages

  • Photographer
  • Prize
    3rd Place / Fine Art/Still Life
  • Company/Studios
    Sandro Productions
  • Date of Photograph
    Jujly 2017

Walking the streets on my journey’s around the world I would come upon these discarded cigarette packs. Crumpled, torn apart, left alone on the streets, curbs, and bushes. Rarely making it into the waste can just feet away. Upon closer observation, I would see these packs with their hidden messages on them. Messages of illnesses, of nuisance to others, your friends, your family, or unborn child. I often wondered, were these packs discarded because of these messages or were these messages discarded because there were no more cigarettes. The bright backgrounds represent a more beautiful time for these packs. Purchased new they stand up straight with beautiful lines and a perfect shape. The colors represent a mild soothing taste and feeling that comes from a nice long drag. They made for such beautiful portraits with hidden messages within them, much like the faces of the people that sit for my portraits. 

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