Ke sale teng

  • Photographer
    Lebohang Kganye
  • Prize
    Moving Images Photographer Of the Year
  • Company/Studios
    Lebohang Kganye
  • Date of Photograph
  • Technical Info
    Animated film, 3’30’’
  • Moving Link

Family photographs are more than just a documentation of events that have occurred, but a space for us to project what we can recall and perhaps a space to question and invent a new history. Ke sale teng confronts how family photo albums no longer have a fixed narrative but instead open us to reinterpret our past and perhaps this kind of reinterpretation is an interrogation of our need to preserve a certain narrative. Family history remains a space of contradictions, it is a mixture of truth and fiction. the use of silhouette cutouts of family members and other props in a diorama, the film confronts the conflicting stories, which are told in multiple ways, even by the same person - memory combined with fantasy. Such archives do not reveal easy answers, for me they reveal that time can break apart and reconnect and not quite fit back into one another.

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