Baliem Valley's Tribe

  • Photographer
    Han Lin Teh
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Date of Photograph
    8 August 2016
  • Technical Info
    Sony A7RM2 Full Frame, ISO100, Exposure: 1/2000sec at f/2.0, E 50mm F1.4

There are three mains tribes inhabiting the Baliem Valley. The Dani in the main valley, the Lani to the west and the Yali in the South-East. Each tribe has a distinct culture. One interesting way to distinguish between the tribes is from the Koteka.The Dani use a long, thin Koteka, the Lani sport a medium sized, wide cannon-like gourd, and the Yali wear the longest of all. People of Baliem Valley were discovered accidentally, by American zoologist and philanthropist Richard Archbold, while on a zoological expedition to New Guinea in 1938.

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