• Photographer
    Ting ting Chen
  • Prize
    Official Selection
  • University/School
    Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Date of Photograph
    May, 2022
  • Technical Info
    1/100s, ISO-100, f11. Full Frame.

Temptations are right there. Do you choose to see it or not? I adopted a style of modernist painting in this image. My best friend, 73-year-old Newfoundlander Robert Tilley is modeling for this portrait. Except for the fruit and Robert's skin and eyeballs, the other parts of the image, including his hair, are absolutely gray, just in different shades. Their saturation is 0, and the R: G: B = 1:1:1. That is to say, except for the fruit and Robert's skin, this is actually a black & white image. Interesting, isn't it? I would like you to feel the beauty of the gray.

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