Shinasl Mana, Lord of Birds

  • Photographer
    Apostolos Kaloudis
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Juan Curto A proof of the dignity of people and their traditions in a global world

  • Date of Photograph
    30 April 2022
  • Technical Info
    1/80s, ISO 5000, ƒ/6.3, Cropped Sensor

For thousand of years, eagles became a valuable hunting companion across the northern steppes from Eurasia to China. It was fundamental for the acquisition of food and furs in the harsh, unforgiving winter months.“Our ancestors had three comrades,” goes the old Kazakh saying, “swift-foot, tazy, and bürkit” (fine horse, Taigan sighthound, and eagle). Here is Shinasl Mana, that keep together with his brother the tradition of his family alive for 8 generations now.

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