Inside Out

  • Photographer
    Xi Chen
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    David Clarke This could have been a clumsy and over processed attempt to produce such an ambitious collection of images. In fact, the selection is a true triumph for the author. It presents outstanding and sympathetic renditions of iconic NYC buildings, amalgamating both inside and outside views; the Guggenheim Museum perhaps being the greatest example. A glimpse into Frank Lloyd Wright’s own vision for this beautiful building. How he would have loved to have seen it depicted in such a way.

    Chris Peters

  • Company/Studios
    Xi Architectural Photography
  • Date of Photograph

Inside Out is a study of important buildings in New York City that depicts both their exteriors and sections of the interiors in a single image. These two perspectives were merged with meticulous photographic compositing techniques, but the idea was inspired by the way architectural drawings use what is called perspective section to represent both exterior and interior. This treatment is intended to reflect both the presence of the building in its urban landscape and the human purposes it serves.

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