• Photographer
    abhishek masurkar
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Jury Top 5 Selection
  • Company/Studios
    Dot Studios
  • Date of Photograph
    June 2022
  • Technical Info
    The whole series is shot on Canon 5dsr. Aerial shots were shot with dji mavic air 2 drone.

In India, Transgender also known as Hijra, prefer to call themselves “Kinnar”. Acceptance in the society has always been a big concern for Transgender. We as a society have terribly failed when it comes to accepting transgender as one of us. We deny to accept the nature the way it is. During this journey of self-war, depression, confusion, aggression, frustration, 82% of transgender youth, globally, have considered killing themselves and 40% attempt suicide each year. This is the overall result of all the unacceptance towards one of the most blessed creation of nature "Kinnar".

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