Ukraine's War

  • Photographer
    Wolfgang Schwan
  • Prize
    Editorial / Press Photographer Of the Year
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Michael Zajakowski Two pictures in this essay sold me. The man taking a photo of the woman in front of a destroyed tank and the woman's bloody face. They put me in awe of Ukrainians.

  • Date of Photograph

In early January, 2022 I traveled to eastern Ukraine for the first time with the intention of covering an environmental story. Instead I found myself covering daily life in the trenches of Donbas for the next two months. Over this time I developed a deep appreciation for the hospitality and generosity of Ukrainians. I decided to stay once the war broke out on Feb. 24 and work covering breaking news and daily life throughout 2022. This story is an overview of my coverage spanning eight months in Ukraine in 2022.

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