On what’s left.

  • Photographer
    Marzena Kolarz
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Date of Photograph
    I carried out the project in 2020-21, but I also reached for some photos from the archive.
  • Technical Info
    various materials and devices (large format camera, digital phone camera, negative, lumenprint etc.)

I have always had a fascination for my traces: what I leave behind, what I discard. I wanted create collection of images telling a story about waste, its overproduction, aesthetic, structure, and variety. There are many aspects of waste that inspire me: it is a trace of a human being; it has its own aesthetic; it lives on long after one takes it out; it is an artefact, an object, carrying a record of truth and physicality. In my series I wish to ask: What is left when we go? What our waste is? Why do we produce so much of it? Can waste become art?

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