In Search of an Afghan Soul

  • Photographer
    Liz Loh-Taylor
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Date of Photograph
    Jan 2023
  • Technical Info
    Leica M with 35mm and 50mm lenses

I arrived at the airport in Kabul, a tremble felt right under my feet. A suicide bomber had detonated himself at the entrance to the airport. The Taliban has reclaimed Afghanistan now for over a year. New edicts have slowly been introduced, taking away women's basic rights to education, work and leisure, restricting men's conduct of themselves and business, banning music and festivals, placing undue stress on an already fragile health and economic system, all of which creating a downward spiral for all Afghans alike. Piece by piece, the Afghan soul is being striped away, even after the war.

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