• Photographer
    Ngoc (Sally) Nguyen
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • University/School
    Ocad University
  • Date of Photograph
    December, 2022

A tale about one's self-realization journey intertwines with the enchanted temptation to become a better self.


This photo series was created with the intention of letting viewers interpret the journey of self-realization for themselves. The series' intended mechanism was as if viewers were flipping through a book with concreted chapters and these photos act as title pages with the name and a significant quote from the accordance stage. The mission therefore lies within the viewers, they will have to decipher and determine their very own journey of self realization.

Each photo would be accompanied with these titles and quotes (in order of appearance):

chapter1_the lost lamb
"Lost, trapped, and frustrated."

chapter2_ first encounter
"The unknown voice calls out to me: ____ Ab Imo Pectore."

chapter3_ epiphany
"Oh, my higher self! Take me away from this hell."

chapter4_ an agonizing acceptance
"To accept is to acknowledge all that you are.
Only through trials and tribulations can one reach to a higher state."

chapter5_ higher self
"You are me and I am you."

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