Written in the star

  • Photographer
    Sun Haoran
  • Prize
    2nd Place / Nature/Astrophotography
  • Company/Studios
  • Date of Photograph
    July 27, 2022
  • Technical Info
    25s ISO16000 f2.8 Full Frame

2022 was a year of accumulating my starry sky works, this year I not only created a lot of excellent works. I prefer to look for different foregrounds than the bright starry sky. The combination of different foregrounds and the same starry sky makes me feel the magnificence of the natural landscape and the insignificance of being a human being. I named this group of photos as Written in the star, which translates into Chinese as Destined, every work I have taken has left a destined track in my life, and I hope this track can be more exciting in the future!

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