How small we are

  • Photographer
    Jakob Arthur Andersen
  • Prize
    1st Place / Nature/Astrophotography
  • Company/Studios
    Clearsky Astrofoto
  • Date of Photograph
    03/04/23 - 29/05/23
  • Technical Info
    1.1 milliseconds, Gain 160, F16.5, 4/3 sensor with ASI174mm pro

How small we humans are - floating away in our tincan up in space. In these two images we see firstly the powerhouse that is our sun, our local star, in H-alpha wavelength. And, almost in the middle of the picture - what looks like a smudge in the picture is actually the silhouette of the space station ISS passing in front of the disc of the sun. In the next image we see the ISS lit by the sun while passing in front of the moon - Both serve as a powerfull reminder that we have only just begun to explore. Seeing the station against these bodies, show how small and frail we are in space.

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