• Photographer
    Giovanna Arnaud Fleming
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Company/Studios
    Gioflemingphothography Krome Sarl
  • Date of Photograph

The images are taken in a normally busy and very snowy French ski resort in the Alps. They capture a young ski instructor on a desolate slope in the month of January, devoid of its usual snowy blanket conveying a mix of determination and longing as the instructor gazes out onto the barren landscape. The absence of snow is palpable, emphasising the challenges faced by these young individuals when their beloved winter playground and work place is transformed . There is a stark contrast between the instructor's vibrant ski attire and the muted tones of the sad surrounding environment.


This is the story of young people growing up in the mountains where a career as a ski instructor is one of the few choices.

A sense of uncertainty permeates the air as concerns about the looming threat of global warming and its repercussions on their way of life cast a shadow over their thoughts.

The absence of jobs tied to the disappearing snow has left the resilient inhabitants of the mountains feeling lost, their lives turned upside down.

They are asking everyone, including themselves, to raise awareness and find solutions.
The future they envisage, intimately tied to the mountains they cherish, is in danger.

The impact of global warming extends beyond the economic sphere and infiltrates the very essence of the natural surroundings. The delicate ecosystems that thrive in the mountains are now under immediate threat. Species of plants and animals that have adapted to the cold and snowy conditions now struggle to survive as temperatures continue to rise. This firsthand experience of witnessing the ecological transformations paints a stark and harsh reality.

Mountain ecosystems, inherently sensitive to climate change, are intricately interconnected with the well-being of wildlife habitats, plant life, and water resources. The disruption of these delicate ecosystems has far-reaching consequences, creating a ripple effect throughout the environment.

The young generation of ski instructors refuses to succumb to despair. They are rising to the occasion, advocating for sustainable practices, adapting their skills, and embracing technological innovations.They strive with unwavering determination to safeguard the legacy of skiing and ensure future generations can continue to experience the joy of gliding down snow-covered slopes. By facing the challenges head-on, these young ski instructors are inspiring hope and paving the way for a more sustainable future in the face of global warming.

Let us listen to their voices and be inspired by their determination

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