The hypnotic red-eyed leaf frog

  • Photographer
    Pablo Trilles Farrington
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Hiroshi Osaka The red-eyed leaf frog's characteristic red eyes contrast with the green color of its body and leaves, making it very impressive. The composition of each photo is also wonderful.

  • Date of Photograph
    May 13th 2023
  • Technical Info
    1/400, f/2.8, ISO320, 34mm, full frame

The red-eyed leaf frog is a very popular amphibian species in Costa Rica. Most notable are its large red eyes with vertical pupils. Although its beauty lies in the combination of colors that make up its body. This set of photographs was taken in the La Fortuna region, in northern Costa Rica. Although this type of frog is a nocturnal animal, the photographs were taken during the day, at which time it takes the opportunity to rest camouflaged in the large leaves and in the thick jungle.

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