Let's protect each other

  • Photographer
    Martin Babarik
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Technical Info
    HDR Photograhy, Samyang 8 mm f/3.5

The ancient forest from Slovakia


There is an old forest a few kilometres from where I live. For many years I didn't know what treasure was hidden in it, although I passed by it several times. During the pandemic there was a lockdown for several days, during which it was forbidden to leave the district. I love the high mountain hiking, but I couldn't get anywhere because of these rules. That's when I started walking around my neighborhood until I got to this forest. I was just taking a walk, I needed to clean my mind and think about more positive things. Deeper in the forest I was left standing in pure amazement - 300 or 400 years old oaks had appeared in front of me and there were more and more of them. It was love at first sight. The old trees looked like living beings and that's why I call them Ents - my friends. Later I learned that the forest was a nature reserve. I got a free pass from the Nature Conservancy so that I could go to visit it. I am not only a photographer of the Ents, I am also their protector.

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