Young Rebels

  • Photographer
    Judith Lechner
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • University/School
    De Fotolocatie
  • Date of Photograph
    May-June 2023
  • Technical Info
    Fujifilm 35 mm lens, aps-c sensor

Extinction Rebellion is a highly visible activist movement in The Netherlands. They fight for climate change in a feisty way. They seek publicity in all kind of uncomfortable actions. Therefore they receive lots of criticism. Amongst the activists are lots of young people. In a passionate way they battle for a better future. Who are these young warriors? What is the other side of their passion? This series takes a look into their connection to nature and the soft and vulnerable side of their personalities. It is the source from where their longing to save the earth originates.


There I go in my electric car, a young rebel next to me. Me, an older woman, fascinated by the young rebels. We went to a meaningful spot in nature of their choice. In five trips I looked for each of their motivations. I sense their passion like when I was their age. The trips made me softhearted for the persons they are. They come from a place of sweetness and often grieve. Afraid to be an activist but also brave and determined.

With his degree in chemistry Teun(tje) is fascinated by the world up to the smallest molecular level. Nature does what it has to do. Trees for instance are full of tumors, they are just there. We humans consider that to be unacceptable. But nature doesn’t judge anything. That is beautiful.

As a child Isabelle loved to be in the woods. Even the darkness didn’t frighten her, it even felt homely. In New Zealand she lived on a secluded spot, grew her own food and washed herself in a creek. That was awesome. Now she spins her own wool, has a vegetable garden and two chickens. It is all about connection to the earth.

Carolien Anna
She grew up in nature. She loved to climb, clamber and dig. When she was older, nature became a place of refuge. Carolien Anna perceives nature as the source of life. Due to her love for the earth she feels the urge to protect her.

Ezra still lives with his mom and dad. They have a lots of animals at home. The favorite place for Ezra to live would be a remote house with a big piece of land. And a bunch of animals of course. But water keeps pulling him too. He has no clue why. But it gives him a feeling of freedom, that’s for sure.

After a day behind her computer Streepje walks. And that’s it: tranquility, silence, comfort, odors. She seeks out frogs, dragonflies, wagtails. Nature as a place to exist is relatively new to her. She loves it that things happen which aren’t constructed by humans. Nature continues without us, this is a very special gift of life.

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