The Crossing

  • Photographer
    Jerusha McDowell
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Irina Chmyreva, PhD. If you like cinema as much as i like, you understand my choice: this work is a real celebration of art of camera. It has its own style, colour, speed of storytelling and it balances between silent movies and the personal phantom memories about horse trip crossing the country

  • Company/Studios
    Rushe Photography
  • Date of Photograph
    8 April 2023
  • Technical Info
    1/400 ISO 160 f 4.0 105mm Sony A7iv

The Crossing is the first collection of images from an ongoing project documenting riding expeditions the Australian Snowy Mountains. This project explores a world beyond the comfort and confines of modern life, offering a glimpse into a vanishing legacy of horsemanship and bushcraft in the bush. This series captures a plateau crossing and simple fireside rituals as we stop to let the weather clear. The fog had rolled in hiding the landscape making navigation uncertain.

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