Women of the Iditarod

  • Photographer
    Kiliii Yuyan
  • Prize
    1st Place / Editorial / Press/Photo Essay / Feature Story
  • Company/Studios
    Kiliii Yuyan
  • Date of Photograph
    February 2019

The poster for Alaska's 1000-mile Iditarod dogsledding race features a woman and her dogs gazing into a distant sunset over the words WOMEN ON THE TRAIL. It’s a fitting theme for a race that has always been inclusive of women—in fact, long-distance dogsledding is one of the only sports where men and women compete together at elite levels. Says musher Blair Braverman, "Those of us who cross the finish line will find ourselves back in a semblance of civilization. But for those those weeks with our dogs, we’ll be the only real things in the world."

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