Rembrandt's Light

PhotographerJayne Logan
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyCursive Glance Images
City/CountryCalgary, Canada
Photo DateMay 15, 2009
Technical InfoPentax, no flash, man.focus
Entry Description

One day in May, filled with rain showers, I wandered about our beautiful hotel, the Estherea, taking shots of objects and light. The curtains and textures were rich. My eye captured this tall hammered-brass vase and the pane of light from the window. This image is untouched (sized). I do believe I have captured REMBRANDTS' LIGHT.

About Photographer

My name is Jayne Logan. I began this wonderful journey little more than four years ago. I live in western Canada with my true love, Arie Intveld, and three dogs. Arie found his passion for photography in the early 70s. Intrigued, I borrowed his camera to try a few shots and I found my eye. I can even remember the moment. I love all sorts of styles and my passion for colours is evident in my work. Born in 1958, in my early years I loved creating Pop art and all things funky and mod. Now, having discovered digital manipulation, I am able to put a new spin on my craft. I love artful portraiture and derive great pleasure in creating. My joy in life is uncomplicated. I’d far rather photograph than go shopping. I marvel at the beauty of a single flower or everything nature and I hope that my photography and art brings a sense of joy to everyone. More than one person has commented to me that my floral photography reminds them of Georgia O’Keefe’s beautiful work. I am grateful for such flattering remarks. My website is – please click on All Galleries and I promise you will like what you find.