Halcyon Days

  • Photographer
    Cheryl Clegg
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Kevin O Connor A beautiful and intriguing photograph, I was instantly captivated. The image has a wonderful painterly quality giving it an ‘otherworldly’ feel. Brilliant , I would love to see more of the photographers work in this series.

    David Clarke Throughout the selection process I’ve been drawn back to this image again and again. It has great simplicity but also a strong enigmatic presence which makes it for me. The swirl of the red coat gives determination to the figure. As an image it stands alone extremely well but it also looks like an illustration or book cover waiting for a novel to be written around it. I would certainly want to know who the woman in red is and why she is striding out into the snowy wastes.

  • Company/Studio
    Cheryl Clegg Photography
  • Date of Photograph
    2017 - composited together in 2018
  • Technical Info
    Photomontage-all aspects photographed by me, created with Photoshop

"Halycon Days" is part of a larger series of work featuring my daughter. Inspired to create something different(than my commissioned work) while on vacation, I turned to my daughter to be in front of the camera. Over the years the series has evolved into surreal landscapes in remote locations, some eerie others not, all a bit different from each other. "Halycon Days," is meant to be a mystery, leaving the viewer with unanswered questions.

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