• Photographer
    Jean-Christophe Girard Lemay
  • Prize
    3rd Place / Oneshot : Movement/Nature
  • Company/Studio
    Jc Lemay Photo
  • Date of Photograph
    March 2 2020
  • Technical Info
    1/2000 sec , f2.8 , ISO 400 , 125mm

Such a memorable day navigating the St. Lawrence (Quebec, Canada) on the CCGS Amundsen. A was assigned as official photographer for the scientific mission that took place on the ship, for two weeks and a half. On the fifth day, a beluga came to visit us very closely when we were stopped at the last sampling station. I knew I saw one earlier, but very far offshore. This time, it couldn't have been closer than; it dived right in front of our eyes, and then came out often on the other side of the boat about fifteen minutes later, each time blowing air just before it hit the surface.

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