• Photographer
    Zhao Yanhui
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Jamason Chen This series document moments of a young boy in his normal life in a seemingly snapshot style, but the timing and framing, especially lighting and the cat, add human touch to those snapshot moments 用平實的手法去詮釋了小男孩的表象生活及內在情緒,恰當的光影及貓都加強了溫度情感,更添故事性,是一組很日常但又非常令人深刻的好作品

My son is a very innovative Chinese boy with very interesting ideas from time to time, once he said camera is my third eye to know more about life that we never paid attention to. Time has flied since he broke into my life, while I have been so greedy to the moments we are together. Hopefully life will go more slowly with all these beautiful stories recorded by the photos. One day when he grow up, they will bevery precious gift to both of us!

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