PhotographerDiana Pai
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyDiana Pai Photography
City/CountryLondon, United Kingdom
Photo DateOctober 2008
Technical InfoC-print
Entry Description

From series Women simulated mannequins, A Fashion & Beauty editorial was published in Spanish Fashion Magazine H magazine in 2008. Artist dressed up the models to look like articulated dolls posing like in the window display,represents a physical of the dolly form, at the same time gives an uncertainty to the viewers.

About Photographer

Diana Pai is a london based visual artist, Born in 1986 in china, moved to study aboard at the age of 15, graduated with two Bachelors of Arts specialising in Fine Art and New Media Arts in the UK at the age of 21. During her degree studies at University of Gloucestershire, She was taught by Turner price nominee English Artist Richard Billingham, where she gained a different prospect of western photographic art. Right after her graduation, Diana held her first solo exhibition at the Cheltenham Museum and Art Gallery in the UK.
 She currently lives and works in London, practicing Art and fashion photography, also travels to Paris regularly for photoshoots. Her work has been featured in several European magazine as well as Vision Magazine in China.