• Photographer
    Arantza Sanchez Reyes
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Juan Curto A contemporary project treated with subtlety and risk.

  • Date of Photograph

Mexico is a country where sexual abuse is becoming more normalized and where more than a thousand women die every year. I am also a victim and it is through images that I speak about before and after, and what has been a process of healing, acceptance, overcoming, but also endless memories or "flashbacks" that for some reason make them still present.


Analepsis is a resource that is used in the narrative where the timeline of history is interrupted to talk about past events, it is like a flashback. And this is exactly what for me and many women is dealing with sexual abuse for years, it is to be silent, to be present some days and absent others, to always remember, to relive, but it is also to grow and overcome. Analepsis is formed from the built and documentary photography as well as poetry and it was a way of talking about what I couldn't with words. Talking about pain but also about healing and acceptance, was a way to document a very long process. This project started as something very intimate and personal but then I realized that I could be a voice of many women who have not been able to find a way to speak up. Following this event and the many experiences that have changed my existence I have wondered how much the situations experienced by human beings influence their way of act, talk and even react. That's why it is so urgent to talk about it, about what is wrongly normalized, about what happens all the time but it should not happen, what hurts and makes more noise but less can be talked about. Analepsis is to look at the inevitable flow of events, but it is also to recognize what endures.

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