• Photographer
    Joey Yu
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    David Clarke This photograph certainly got a WOW from me. A young girl descends an escalator; she carries a bright red bag which immediately makes her the focus of attention. The image is a joyous symmetry of mainly horizontal steps and diagonal tones which in turn are joined by vertical elements. Without her, the image is a flat abstract but she brings it to life with balance, scale and a third dimension which in turn allows the viewer to identify exactly what he or she is looking at.

  • Company/Studio
  • Date of Photograph
    29 February 2020
  • Technical Info
    1/60/ISO 1600/F5

I was visiting the National Gallery in Singapore and happened to walked past a corridor and as i peered over the parapet, i realized the combination of stairs and the escalator provided a rather interesting composition. However interesting the composition was, i was hoping for someone to ride the escalator so that the photo will have a sense of scale and dimension. As such i composed my shot and waited until finally a lady took the escalator, and i immediately snapped a couple of shots.

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