Nenets, reindeer herders

  • Photographer
    Alessandro Malaguti
  • Prize
    1st Place / Special/Travel / Wanderlust
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Daria Bonera

    Juan Curto Very rarely people still surprises us in this First World, like the Nenets in this series. A wonderful job that needed too little to succeeded.

  • Company/Studios
    no company
  • Date of Photograph

One of the most inhospitable places on earth for its extreme weather conditions is Siberia, where temperatures can drop below -40 degrees. Exactly in the Yamal Peninsula, in this frozen wasteland, over a thousand years ago Nenets settled, reindeer herders, leading a nomadic life to the limit of the bearable. Nenets live in the chum, which is the name of their reindeer skin tents, that they disassemble and reassemble during migrations looking for mosses and lichens which reindeer feed on. Although many of them carry on ancient traditions, over the years fewer and fewer decide to stay.

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