Baobab Collection

  • Photographer
    Peter Lippmann
  • Prize
    1st Place / Advertising/Brands campaign
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Shana Nys Dambrot Though made for a "gig" this series of tableaux is one of the most authentic and also surreal and idiosyncratic versions of the Renaissance still life genre (which was very popular this year, for reasons I suspect have to do with lockdown and the requirement to find inspiration in the world within arm's reach). The unified field of object, lighting, palette and the sophisticated choice of flora, fauna and object are all perfect in their tone of beauty and class, but tinged with a breezy almost Gothic melancholy amid the luxury and curiosity. Stunning and witty is a favorite combination.

  • Company/Studios
    Peter Lippmann
  • Date of Photograph

The goal of this series for Baobab, "High Society“ candles was to create a timeless atmosphere centered around nature and artful living. While evoking classic painting, I tried to keep it photographic and modern. It was shot in my studio in Champagne during strict lockdown. I did the concession and styling myself. The clients were briefly present. The only other person on set was my assistant and retoucher, Sylvain Roux. It is a fond memory!

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