Paradise Flowerheads

  • Photographer
    Monika Schneider
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Date of Photograph
    15.09.20 | 20.09.20 | 08.06.21
  • Technical Info
    1,3 Sec f/10 ISO100

With a lot of my projects,there’s a preservationist impulse at work.In many ways,I think of the photographs as a kind of record-keeping in a world that’s rapidly being depleted of its natural resources.By using photography as recording device to create the best possible two-dimensional representation of three-dimensional living things, the images become physical documents. It’s fascinating that the astonishingly beautiful qualities of the flowers are purely survival mechanisms. I love that every flower is a dependent half of an ecosystem, and structurally, they evoke their insect counterparts.

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