Central Park Redux

PhotographerHugh Jones
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryArlington, United States
Photo Date2010
Technical Infoinfrared
Entry Description

I used to visit Central Park many years ago, before I started learning how to see and before getting hooked on photography. I recently had the chance to visit for a few days - the first time in 15-20 years. I wondered how my perceptions would change... For the first time, I saw so many many dimensions to the park. I hope to express them with these infrared photographs. http://www.hughjonesphotography.com/

About Photographer

I have undergraduate degrees in psychology and electrical engineering, a PhD in Electrophysics, and have studied Zen. I took some photography courses a few years ago at Corcoran College of Art in Washington, DC and discovered my true passion - photography. More recently, I have been experimenting with "unconscious", intuitive photography - photographing with the heart. I have exhibited in over 80 exhibitions in the past two years in many places including Virginia, Texas, Colorado, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Nevada, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Tucson, Madrid and Paris. See http://www.hughjonesphotography.com for details.