KOUFUKURON - eudaemonics

  • Photographer
    Taisuke Sato
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention

It is a methodology to help people who are feeling lonely and depressed to feel the perspective of an "Acceptance of impermanence" and a Japanese sense of "Mono-no-Aware", which is a way to be happy.


Happiness is a human duty. Alein said in his eudaemonics.

Some people desire their own happiness and are in the midst of that happiness, while others only feel the emptiness of the word happiness and suffer from feelings of loneliness, lack of love, loss, alienation, depression, and jealousy.
Others suffer from feelings of loneliness, lack of love, loss, alienation, depression, and jealousy.

When you are trapped in endless barren emotions, your vision becomes narrower and narrower. Without even realizing it, they strangle themselves, lamenting their loneliness and pain and asking people for help, which in turn drives people away. However, this will drive people away. It is very difficult to get out of such a situation, and it takes a lot of time.

However, the world is a "representation" of what we see, and depending on what perspective and will we have, we can see the world differently. To make this possible, I tried to shoot street photography at a very slow speed. It's just like the way I shoot architectural photography. The result is a photograph that carefully shows every detail. It's a step back, an impermanent point of view.
When you look around at events from that position, you realize that until now you have been trapped in a single thought due to narcissism. By becoming aware of this and willingly looking at things from other perspectives and emotions, it becomes possible to understand the multifaceted nature of events. By examining the events in the photographs from a social psychological point of view, I try to discover the relationship between the events and society. It is not a first person perspective, but a social perspective. This means recognizing diversity, allowing people to be as they are, and feeling that everything in the world is fragile and beautiful. I believe that this conscious shift in perspective toward an Acceptance of "impermanence" and "Mono-no-Aware"in Japanese is the path to human happiness.

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