Mincéirs (Irish Travellers)

  • Photographer
    Joseph-Philippe Bevillard
  • Prize
    1st Place / People /Traditions / Culture
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Nan Oshin beautiful, evocative, compelling, varied — feels as though the photographer has a specific point of view that is exercised wonderfully over his/her subject matter

    Ryan Libre There is a depth to these images that demands to be looked at, again and again. Can i make an exhibition for you please. Love it so much. i want to see more images and could spend a month 're-reading' these images and never get bored.

  • Date of Photograph

In 2009, I started photographing the Travellers who are an ethnic group at a horse fair in Ireland. I returned to the horse fair the following year to meet them again and to give them some photos I had taken. They gained my trust and invited me to photograph their families and other clans. I am intrigued by their nomadic lifestyle so I decided to visit their caravans, halting sites and roadside encampments. In March 2017, Irish Travellers group have been formally recognised as an ethnic group. Today, they are still facing racism, discrimination, hardship by society and high suicide rates.

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