Enchanted Rocks

  • Photographer
    Huibo Hou
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Jury Top 5 Selection

    Hiroshi Osaka This photo has a divine and dignified silence, and it is very immersive. The beauty of the light from the deep, soundless darkness is wonderful.

  • Date of Photograph

Do rocks have past life? I’d like to think so. Towering or inconspicuous, legendary or obscure, they could have been something else in their past and were somehow reincarnated as sea stacks in the ocean, sand stones on the desert land, boulders in the canyon, or pebbles along the riverbank... Time receded, they stood, witnessing millions of years passing by. No grizzle, no cry, they concealed their secrets in disguise. For some, however, their enchanted past left behind great clues that inspired tales and imaginations.

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