Altos de Torona

  • Photographer
    Olga S. Ortiz
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention
  • Date of Photograph

Altos de Torona is a wine brand who asked me to show the personality of each of their 6 wines. The fruits, flowers, animals, etc of each photo describe its character and biodiversity of the place where each kind of grape grows up. "Rosal" has a hand because it is the main wine sold by this brand. "Albarino", "Godello" and "Caino" have similar compositions with the white animals and fruits because they are single-varietal wines and they must be related. "Espumoso" is for special ocasions so it has a fancier look, and "Barrica" is aged 6 months in a barrel so I had to transmit this idea of old.

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