Infrared Sailing

PhotographerTRACY STJOHN
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryPLAYA DEL REY, United States
Photo Date2009
Technical InfoInfrared Slide
Entry Description

Travel Hard is career compilation of outdoor adventure photography showing a retrospect of Tracy St.John's work, including this signature Infrared3 sailing as an analogue film technique illustrating the spectrum of human endeavor.

About Photographer

Tracy St. John, has been a Leica sponsored photographer ever since her first published image in 1980. Recently Photographing the Primal Quest Adventure Race and later, sailing icon Dennis Conner (who thieved the Americas Cup for the US from the Ausies) shot him competing in the the Etchells Worlds. She has reinvented demand for a forgotten silver wet process for Infrared silver B+W film. Special chemistry increases this analogue films slow effective speed for sport, reviving it's illusive use. For the first time in photographic history she combines true silver Infrared, peek human endeavor in nature, so as to pioneer the first silver infrared adventure sports photographs. There are only an average of 28,000 days, in the average human lifetime - so, who of us has time to be average! I believe these things to be true; Engage yourself fully in each your relationships... aspire to be undistracted. Be decisive and clear with others, and don't rush. Have fun, try to view yourself and the world lightheartedly. Crack that unique sunshine open on everything you do. Aspire to honor, and be honorable. Surround yourself with people you know you want to be influenced by. Try to "act boldly, so unforeseen forces can come to your assist." They say that "to be fearless is not feeling the absence of fear, but rather engaging its' presence... then finding inside you the desire... to act anyway! Work hard at work, and believing your courage, finish... then relax. Finally, the only way to STOP the damn 28,000 day, 80 year clock thing... is simply to be present... and hold on to your pants for a wild ride!