Honorable Mention

Advertisement Campaigns

  • Photographer
    Michael Miller
  • Company/Studio
  • Date of Photograph
    1996 - 2010
  • Technical Info
    Mamyia 6 X 7- Nikon D3 digital

1. Laird and Buzzy, Paris 1997 for NIKE - Just before crossing The English Channel on paddle boards 2. Puma campaign, LA 2010 Mike Posner -Model 3. & 4. Jennifer Nicholson Couture Sharon Gault -make up David Cox - Hair Shannon Miller- Stylist Warren Boyd- Model Agnes Ambrus - Model Santa Monica , CA 2007 Shown in Italian Vogue, W Flaunt....etc. 5. Tupac - LA 1996 CD Cover-Just before his death

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