walls of wine

PhotographerSven Fennema
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryKrefeld, Germany
Photo Date07/2009
Technical InfoDigital photography
Entry Description

I found this extraordinary abandoned winery near the italian border, it has a long history and is abandoned since over 30 years. The interieur with these amazing bloodred walls and the beautiful details all over made this place to the most special abandoned place I ever went. Sadly this treasure will be demolished in these days to make room for another modern building. This is my tribute and a everlasting memory

About Photographer

The ambitious photo artist Sven Fennema was born in Xanten 1981 and is living in Krefeld near Düsseldorf, Germany today where he also works in his day job in the information technology. After some experiences in digital processing and his first photographic steps in 2007 he actuated his photographic activities more passionate and developed his own photographic style rapidly in the following year. Sven learned his photographic and post processing skills always completely self educated which are also under continuous development. Since the interest in abandoned places attends him already for many years it was definite that they became his first favourite motifs. But at the same time his second favoured domain motifs, the modern architecture evolved. Is it primarily the atmosphere and the stories behind what catches him with the decayed motifs of abandoned places it is different with the modern ones. In that case it is more the art of seeing a place or building in different eyes, to use them as tools to create completely new, own and individual sights. Since a long time now the creative photography is an important and elementary part in his life. Sven’s pictures are stamped by extraordinary compositions with atmosphere, special light and mood but also by the play of light and forms. Himself he describes them as just “alive”. While photographing he invests a lot of time, first he let the place affect on him for some time, he feels and collects its mood and history. Sven thinks about it for a while and that is the way the picture he want to express later slowly evolves in his head. Especially his decay related motifs are filled up with stories he wants to tell, good as well as bad ones. They are going to be told while watching the picture, always a little different depending on the viewer. Sometimes Sven feels embraced to abrogate rules and reality and works beside existent ideals. He does not want to have his fantasy and ideas controlled by rules, reality and limitations but to realize everything like he sees’s it in his own mind.