Stewards Of The Land

  • Photographer
    Anna Mia Davidson
  • Prize
    2nd Place / Editorial/Environmental
  • Date of Photograph
    August 2008
  • Technical Info
    medium format film photograph

This photographic project is a portrait documentation of the resurgence of sustainable farmer's in the Pacific Northwest. The individuals that represent that movement are bright, passionate, inspiring and capture a connection to the earth. They are people who are part of a movement to farm responsibly despite obstacles to exist. Farming is a link we share with most nations on earth and is a bond that makes us more similar than different. It is now a crucial time in history where nations must look to alternative means of food production as an answer to environmental, social, and health issues. The amount of work and dedication to be a true steward of the land is humbling to witness. As a nation, and as an interconnected world our future depends on a new appreciation for local production and consumption, and we will need to embrace and cherish how it looks to be truley sustainable.

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