Honorable Mention

Book cover of "On Mountains"

  • Photographer
    João Gil
  • Company/Studio
    Alma Lux Photographia (my own)
  • Date of Photograph
  • Technical Info

This is the cover of the book On Mountains (OM). The authors sought a work that, while being simple and by means of photographs, would reflect the multiple emotions and sensorial experiences of being in the mountains; an account from the five senses, and beyond. In their views, they felt that the right formula would be merging the two components together, Photography and Text. The objective is to, here down below, among these houses and in the comfort that they provide, take the mind and the heart of the observer up there, among valleys and peaks, to the snow and Sun, the cold and the heat, the trees and rivers, the sharp cold wind and the cosiness of a nocturnal shelter.

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