Book cover of "On Mountains"

PhotographerJoão Gil
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyAlma Lux Photographia (my own)
City/CountryLeiria, Portugal
Photo DateNov-2009
Technical InfoDSLR
Entry Description

This is the cover of the book On Mountains (OM). The authors sought a work that, while being simple and by means of photographs, would reflect the multiple emotions and sensorial experiences of being in the mountains; an account from the five senses, and beyond. In their views, they felt that the right formula would be merging the two components together, Photography and Text. The objective is to, here down below, among these houses and in the comfort that they provide, take the mind and the heart of the observer up there, among valleys and peaks, to the snow and Sun, the cold and the heat, the trees and rivers, the sharp cold wind and the cosiness of a nocturnal shelter.

About Photographer

Since when I was around 10, I have practised and read a lot on photography. Along my 30s, my passion for photography has developed with mountaineering, along valleys, tops, forests, ice and snow. The same with my travels and contact with other cultures and peoples. Many of my photographs resulted from my trips for direct contact and respect for Nature and People. With time I have developed a style, in the form of conceptual photography, by deconstructing the object, with hints of minimalism and abstraction. By combining mind and photography, I aim at the Aesthetics, the Inspiring and the Positive. Humour, irony, romanticisation of reality and parallel thinking are frequently present. I photograph landscapes, portraits, macro and fine art, mainly. My works have been recognised in the book On Mountains (with photographer Nuno Verdasca), in my conceptual exhibitions punctum | photography for the streets, Looooong Shots, Tempus Fugit and Vertical Horizons, and the thematic exhibition On Mountains, and also in contests. But, still, the most important for me is the satisfaction of my clients. I sell and print my photographs as pieces of art and of environment creation, decoration and architecture (national or internationally); through a sensitive photographic view and capacity to engage, I provide photographic coverage of places/people/cultures/events, for their promotion, protection and development; I organise photography workshops and work on several innovative photography projects (also with other photographers); I also provide other photography-related services. All of my work aims at national and international contexts. Since October 2007 that I've been a professional photographer, creating Alma Lux Photographia. I currently develop work in Portugal, Brussels and Paris.