The Way of the West

  • Photographer
    Jim Krantz
  • Prize
    International Photographer of the Year
  • Company/Studios
    Jim Krantz Studios
  • Date of Photograph
    May 2010

The Way of the West is the culmination of Jim Krantz’ extensive experience as a photographer of the American west, a landscape whose beauty and violence has held a nation in awe for centuries. Over the course of a four-day shoot in the Colorado mountains, Krantz worked with a RED Camera and the Canon EOS 5D, which allowed him to shoot photographs, capture live-action footage and, later, pull stills from the RED Camera motion footage. The result: A fusion of photography and live-action footage, which creates a product richer than either medium could alone. Krantz explains his vision: “I recently came across the term, ‘transmedia,’ which struck me as a far more accurate description of this project than the more commonly used phrase, ‘multimedia.’ More than a jumble of mediums thrown together, ‘transmedia’ implies a sense of transcendence—of imagery that extends beyond expectations. And that was my point of departure.”

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