Port of Baltimore 4

PhotographerTodd Materazzi
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAnnapolis, United States
Photo Date1/5/2011
Technical InfoISO-800, 110mm, 30 sec., f/25
Entry Description

The Port of Baltimore is overwhelmed with an influx of imports during the economic rise of 2010. The city of Baltimore maintains a strong hold in the steel, imports and the business of traditional manufacturing. Through sweat, blood and a band of relationships, Baltimore will be well poised to rise and succeed beyond this economic depression.

About Photographer

After a dramatic transformation that took place in Todd Materazzi’s life, the call for photography settled on his heart and continues with great passion to this day. Todd’s photography reference themes that he rarely mentions to the public, but represent so clearly in each piece of art. His photographs are taken with complete spontaneity (still-life, street, urban, architecture). Todd Materazzi is emerging as a contemporary photographer that allows him to portray himself artistically while being precise. He prefers a photographic style that is complex and thought-provoking; an unique style of photorealism and editorial with techniques used that assures exposure, composition, lines and light used to communicate depth otherwise not seen by the naked eye. The artistic themes parallel how his heart is growing and is tied to his will to live: “Emotional Transformation Through Thematic Photography”. The portfolio of Todd Materazzi is hosted on www.titaniumphoto.com.