PhotographerCarlo Perazzolo
Prize3rd Place in Editorial / Sports
CompanyCarlo Perazzolo
City/CountryBolzano Vicentino, Italy
Photo DateSeptember 2009
Entry Description

SCIE is the story about Gianmaria Dal Maistro, a semi-blind alpine skiier (less than 1/10 visus each eye) and his guide Tommaso Balasso, followed by the photographer from the training days to the 2010 Paralympics Games in Vancouver (CA)

About Photographer

I'm a photojournalist based in Vicenza (Italy), since 2001. I work everyday for a local newspaper and I also often do assignment services for ANSA, Emmevi Photo Agency, Fotogramma and others nationla photo agencyes. My submitted work is a personal project which took me almost a year to accomplish.