Begin the Revolution

PhotographerGiselle Natassia
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryRivervale, Australia
Photo Date1-09-2010
Technical InfoCanon 5D Mark II
Entry Description

Photographer: Giselle Natassia Make Up: Siouxane Martincic Hair: Maree Giglia Styling: Siouxane Martincic Model: Jazzombie from Carnies with Candy (

About Photographer

Giselle Natassia is a concept-driven photographer specializing in abstract fashion, as well as advertising and entertainment photography. Studying at Curtin University in 2010 with a BA in Creative Advertising Design and A Bachelor of Photomedia from Edith Cowan University, she has already been featured in journals and magazines. Although relatively new to the scene and still honing her craft, she has won numerous awards both home and abroad. Constantly oscillating between dark and colourful themes, her skills best present themselves in the fusing of morbid, bizarre, romantic and tragic themes. Slightly less perverse than “fetish”, more extreme than “fashion”, Giselle’s macabre-glamour approach to photography is sure to raise eyebrows and appeal to those with an eye for the unusual. When without her camera (or Photoshop), Giselle is busy slaying zombies in various video games.